New developments

is a portable system for the treatment of negative pressure wounds.

One of the latest innovations of the Vostok-V group of companies is a portable system for the treatment of negative pressure wounds.
Chronic wounds often require a long hospital stay for treatment. treatment and the patient will be able to return to normal activities faster. Rapid wound healing also results in less discomfort
and pain, which affects the patient’s well-being. In addition, other treatments for chronic wounds often require at least two daily dressings, which require special skills to minimize the risk of infection.

Vacuum therapy is a closed system that reduces the risk of penetration infections, as well as reducing the need for materials and specially trained personnel.
The scope of vacuum therapy is incredibly wide: open abdominal wounds, sternal wounds; acute and chronic wounds; gunshot wounds, diabetic foot; trophic ulcers intestinal fistulas; wounds in pediatric patients; wounds in patients with contraindications to surgery, etc.
The device for the treatment of wounds with negative pressure is equipped with an electrically driven pump capable of maintaining negative pressure at the wound surface for a long period of time, at least 12 hours.
The system is equipped with a container to collect exudate from the wound. Included with the vacuum therapy device is also a system of tubes and connectors
for connecting a transparent pad, sealing the wound to the vacuum device.
The elastic pad material provides closure and insulation of the wound surface, as well as
same support for negative pressure in the wound.
The device can operate both from the AC mains and from the rechargeable battery.

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