With age, degenerative changes accumulate in the human body and in particular in the spine, the degree of damage to the intervertebral discs, vertebrae, facet joints and ligaments increases, which can lead to compression of nerve roots and severe clinical manifestations.

One of the important problems of vertebral surgery is the treatment of segmental instability, which in turn is one of the pathogenetic stages of the development of degenerative lesions of the spine. To date, the “gold standard” in the treatment of instability is the stabilization of the segment by creating spondylodesis, for which many different surgical techniques have been proposed.

 Intermediate cages are one of the types of implants that can be used in spinal crest surgery. In patients who are shown spondylodesis on the background of various diseases of the spine, intervertebral cages have proven their effectiveness for several reasons:

  • low risk of complications
  • reduction of pain after treatment due to less trauma during surgery
  • shorter inpatient stay compared to other methods of spondylodesis
  • the patient can return to his daily activities faster

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