The device for vacuum therapy of wounds of SAVE-V

Vacuum therapy is a closed system that reduces the risk of infection and also reduces the need for materials and specially trained personnel. SAVE-V is a portable system for the treatment of wounds with negative pressure. Used to quickly heal wounds by sucking fluids and contaminated materials from the wound. battery. Provides: - continuous or pulsed operation; - programming a complete treatment cycle by adjusting the vacuum and time parameters. Carries out: - constant monitoring of the set indicators, the state of the dressing and hardware; - visual display of the progress of the procedure of text information on the display; - monitoring the progress of the process and the state of all hardware with output notifications on the display in case of any deviations in the normal course of the process. - automatic termination of the process when the critical values of the parameters of the patient's condition and hardware are detected in the settings; - monitoring the dressing state; - tracking filter life; - monitoring the battery condition. The device has automatic functions: - termination of the procedure when the reservoir for collecting exudate is overfilled; - termination of the procedure when the filter is dirty. Specifications:
Maximum vacuum value: 200 mm
Power requirements : 24 V; (230 ± 10%) V; 50/60 Hz
Fuse: Double fuse 3 A / 250 V
Dimensions (l / w / h): 280 mm x 210 mm x 330 mm
Weight: 5.5 kg
Battery life: 12:00 (therapy)
Battery type: Lithium Iron Phosphate