VKP vostok-v LLC is one of the domestic manufacturers of medical devices and medical equipment.

 All products are divided into several groups depending on their intended use.

 The first fixation systems for correcting spinal deformations developed by vostok-v began to be mass-produced in 2000.

 In 2008, the company began production of external fixation devices and halo devices.

 Since 2016, the group of bone fixation devices has been supplemented with intramedullary fixators of various modifications, which allows to cover a wide range of clinical cases.  A special place in this group is occupied by intramedullary telescopic fixators (joint domestic development of the State Institution “Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology named after Prof. Sytenko” and “vostok-v”) which are the most modern rotationally stable design.

 A new direction of the company’s work since 2017 was the release of systems for fixing flat bones, systems for fixing various parts of the spine, tools for their installation and development of “Research and Production Enterprise” Stabilis “, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

 And since December 2016, the company began production of washing and disinfection machines for processing flexible endoscopes.

 The HOREV-2516 washing and disinfection machines offered by the company were created by a team of the best specialists with the noble goal of helping to overcome once and for all such a common critical problem of infection in endoscopy rooms in Ukraine and protecting millions of patients.

To help doctors with the hypothermia procedure, the company offers the device “Rimidy-1”, which provides this procedure with full control in automatic mode.  The company manufactures products in accordance with the requirements of national and international standards.  All products have been assessed for compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulation for medical devices, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity.

 The main consumers of these products are clinical hospitals of various forms of ownership.

 The production uses high quality materials, both domestic and foreign production.

 The company has implemented and certified a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ДСТУ EN ISO 13485.

 The company’s specialists carefully study the experience of foreign colleagues in the process of creating and designing medical products, the latest developments in science and technology.

 All this allows you to produce high quality products that are in demand in the market of medical devices.

The company has a privacy policy, and each employee adheres to the principles of non-disclosure of trade secrets.