Taking into account the needs of the staff of clinics during epidemics, as well as in everyday use to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, in the care of patients, the developers of VKP “vostok-v” began to develop a protective medical mask.

The medical protective mask is a molded mask with goggles, with a filter unit and an exhalation valve. The protective medical mask has the universal size, is suitable for any type of the person.

The mask is made of silicone, soft and close to the face.

Goggles are made of polycarbonate, which is a shock-resistant material. The glasses are firmly attached to the top of the mask and protect the eyes from direct and lateral splashes of liquids and solids, do not irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes and do not disturb vision with regular use (lenses do not sweat and do not create glare). They have side and top protection, the color of the lenses is colorless.

The filter unit is removable, consists of a filter housing and a filter element. The case of the filter is made of polypropylene, fastens in the lower part of a mask.  It is easily removed and installed on the mask. The filter element from a highly effective filter material – a meltblown is placed in the case. The filter has eight layers, which provides a higher level of protection of the respiratory organs from infections and viruses transmitted by airborne droplets and at the same time has a low resistance to respiration, up to six hours.

Adjustable elastic headband straps made of silicone allow you to securely fasten the mask.

The exhalation valve is made of polypropylene.

The presence of an exhalation valve reduces moisture and heat generation in the sub-mask space, which provides more comfortable conditions when performing work with physical activity, at high humidity, increasing the service life of the mask.