Holding a conference

The consequences of the pandemic have been tested for the strength of our entire health care system.

Now the importance of every specialist in medical sphere is particularly acute.

The world will adapt to the real world adjusting priorities, changing vectors of their development and establishing cooperation between the doctor and establishing cooperation between doctor and producer of medical products.

It is for this purpose that the Ukrainian developer and manufacturer of medical equipment GROUP OF COMPANIES Vostok-V  Together with KHARKIV MEDICAL ACADEMY OF POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION invites for the conference: “Ukrainian producer Vostok-V – actual issues, realities and prospects”

Within the framework of this event will be held a thematic exhibition, which will be presented:

Equipped for automatic   disinfection of Endoscopic Defects

Equipment for therapeutic   hypothermia

Equipment for vacuum wound therapy

System for root and deformation ridge.

Apparatus of external fixation of bones for treatment of complex fractures

International Telescopic Research Institute. 


from the Ukrainian producer

At the conference you will be able to listen to reports of leading specialists in the field of traumatology, orthopedics, psychiatry and  disinfection about practical application of this medical equipment and medical products, to discuss the cost and conditions of supply, to personally make sure of quality 


More information on the phone : 0664602207, 0664276997

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